National and International Achievement of Kasetsart University on Green Policy


          Kasetsart University joined the third year of the contest MEA Energy Saving Building Contest and won the Best Saving Energy Building Award (university category) on 27 January 2016. This event was organized by Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand (MEA). The purposes of the contest were to urge efficient energy consumption and energy reduction in many buildings, and to build awareness of staff by energy saving campaign and activities. The five years contest has been conducted between 2012 – 2016.

Kasetsart, Khowledge of the Land, Top 50 of the QS World
University Rankings by Agriculture & Forestry subjects

          ASA Green Awards is one of ASA Green Project, organized by the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA), the project aims to build awareness and promote green architectural design concept for construction business of the country. A committee of ASA Green considered that green architecture concept would be practically managed if architects and constructors conduct their building construction based on these three principles:  Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability and Economic Sustainability. Therefore, ASA initiated criteria of “ASA Green Awards” evaluation which are ASA Green Guide and ASA Green Points. The winners of the awards have to design their building to meet standard of ASA to win the awards. Accordingly, the Operational Building of the Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University met the criteria and won ASA GREEN AWARD in 2009.

The criteria of evaluation are as follows:

  1. INTENTION: Green Design Intention
  2. CONTEXT: Community & Cultural Context
  3. EARTH: Sustainable Land Use & Landscape
  4. TROPICAL: Tropical Design Solution
  5. COMFORT: Occupant Safety, Health & Comfort
  6. ENERGY: Energy Conservation
  7. WATER: Water Conservation
  8. MATERIALS: Building Material & Construction
  9. SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Flexibility, Adaptability & Sufficiency
  10. FEEDBACK: Post-occupancy Feedback

          The Operational Building of the Faculty of Economics was designed by Ton Silp Studio Co., Ltd. with Tropical Design concept: present but not being featured which planted more trees inside the building but not too much. In addition, ventilation and light system harmonized with environment of the building by Sun Chart calculation. This kind of designs will set example for the other buildings of government in the future.